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  1. Hi the news outlets have written stories about your meeting but there still has not been anything posted by GET about the meeting and I would prefer to hear from you and not filtered by the media’s lens. Thanks.

    • Hi Peter, Thanks for coming to us for information. Here’s a link to our first update after the July 13 meeting.

      • Hi this provides less detail than was in media reports and I was hoping for more or at least the same. For example, media coverage indicated that you are considering eliminating and refunding the per unit $20 surcharge. Where are they getting that level of detail from and how can we get access to the same information they have?

      • You are correct, refunding the amortization on units purchased at $163 and/or $172 was the action item discussed at the July 13 meeting. The Committee has opted to come forth with a more comprehensive approach at the next meeting, rather than move forward with any one action at this time.

        If you would like more details on items discussed in the July 13 GET Committee meeting we encourage you to view the meeting materials posted on our GET Committee page You may also be interested in viewing the TVW footage of the meeting here.

        Other high priority items to be addressed in upcoming meetings are: a minimum payout value; the feasibility of establishing a traditional 529 college savings program; alternatives of linking GET to tuition and fees and linking GET to a cost of attendance metric; and the current state penalty for nonqualified withdrawals.

        We will share more information as it becomes available.

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